2017 Artist’s Statement.

I'm interested in sharing stories not only about humans, but the existence of all life in both it's creation and destruction. I want to create landscapes for people to project themselves into, sounds to lose yourself in. I wonder though how can I share the stories of all the people and things within this universe, and everything I haven't yet discovered. That is what I want to explore, what I need to explore. My objective is to document human emotions as well as the Earth's through various mediums on a global scale, thus creating social awareness within the general public.

Harrison is currently working on various photography and film projects, while also running www.agenzyz8.com The first with a working title of "Kingdom of Stolen Dreams", a three part fictional film about the long term effects of conflict. The first being about a family living in Chicago's south side, the second about how the drug war has affected the people in Mexico and the third about the conflict in Syria. Each film will be based on a child's perspective. 

What will they say about us in the future?

2018 Artist’s Statement.

The artist’s work deals with forms or situations of authority and power, twisting traditional constructs into a visual closer to an AA meeting then a Greek symposium.

In other words the artist is investigating a more democratic aesthetic in lieu of authoritarian venues, such as judicial structures like Parliament, the courthouse, etc…

In response, a sort of Die Brucke or maybe a networked Die Brucke between absurdity and social practice is created. Research and exploration of these relationships drives the artist to equate his own theory within social sculpture. Not what art is, but what can it be.