Harrison Charles Bruhn, born on June 3rd 1994 is an American visual artist from New York. 

Harrison started out in graphic design, producing limited edition pieces of clothing at an early age. Recently he has worked on Film as well as Photography projects. Harrison has worked with a multitude of clients in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Inspired by artists such as Francisco Goya, Jacques Callot, and Kathe Kollwitz. Harrison's objective is to document human emotions through various mediums on a global scale, thus creating social awareness within the general public. 

Harrison is currently working on various photography and film projects, while also running www.agenzyz8.com The first with a working title of "Kingdom of Stolen Dreams", a 3 part fictional film about the long term effects of conflict. The first being about a family living in Chicago's south side, the second about how the drug war has affected the people in Mexico and the third about the conflict in Syria. Each film will be based on a child's perspective.